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Next Year’s Holiday??

Here’s a look through our photo album to show you what we all get up to. ¬†For next year’s holiday why not come over and join in too. ¬†It’s great fun. ¬†We’d love to see you and if you book before the end of December you will bag next year’s holiday at this year’s price.

Starting with the welcoming committee at the gate through to Tanya looking for next year’s rides

How about a super Christmas present for that very special person.

We are looking forward to seeing you

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Early mornings

When it’s blue sky and around 25 deg later in the day here is a look at how the early morning looks – Atila & Tonnerre coming to meet you out of the mist

Hold on, here we come
Hold on, here we come

and a little later when the sun first starts you can often see these cobwebs in the Rosemary before they get disturbedcobwwebs 1

cobweb 2


As many of you know we retired Trevor earlier this year due to a serious illness. ¬†Brave trooper that he was he kept fighting but there came a point when he just couldn’t do it any more so very sadly we finally had to say goodbye on Wednesday afternoon. ¬†He’s given lots of people some very happy memories and is now off galloping free with his best friend Boysie.

Bye Trev xxx
Bye Trev xxx


Meet the new guys in the team

Just to bring you up to date, we’ve been busy around the country adding new members to the team for this year. ¬†Here goes –

Some of you will already have met our first arrival who came in September last year but for those of you who came earlier in the year meet Atila taking his first look around at his new home as he came out of the box

DSCF6578He travelled well and was very calm after his journey of around three hours.  Off to his paddock for a rest and then hopefully ready for a light workout in the school tomorrow.

DSCF6660He took it all in his stride and he and Tanya got on very well together

Love this guy-Tanya & AtilaWhat a star and Tanya’s face says ‘I just love this guy!’

He’s gone on from here and they have competed very successfully in several dressage competitions through the winter season. ¬†He’s up and going and ready to accompany rides this summer.

Our second new arrival came just before Christmas.  Tanya and Chris set off at 5.00am with the trailer for what ended up as a 15hr trip to see a very big boy to join the team, namely a Normandy Cob.  During this epic journey they passed through the volcanic mountains of the Massif Central and here is one of the shots that Tanya took from the motorway

JpegWhen they finally got home it was too dark for photos so here he is saying good morning to Atila over the fence this morning – Tonnerre.

2It’s quite amazing what a big horse can do – here’s Chris mounted for the first time in ages and out enjoying time with Tonnerre after only a few days of getting to know him. ¬†He’s settled in really well and is now waiting to meet you all soon.


For number three we all set off for the day on a trip to look at several horses that we had seen.  Sun was shining and a lovely lunch followed by finally seeing a really beautiful girl.  Having ridden her and talked over Tanya and Chris set off next day yet again with trailer and when they got back Ursala had arrived.

DSCF7203Out of the trailer and looking around

DSCF7214Starting to fit in with the team working with Chloe

DSCF7319These new guys are now getting along very well with the existing team and as usual everyone is looking forward to seeing you all very soon

Hi fans…….

Just to keep you posted, after a spate of illness and unsuccessful treatment this winter the team have decided that I’ve earned my retirement so here I am enjoying it in the field.

I’ve had a chat with Ursala and she’s getting ready to fill my hoof prints

With love to you all Trevor xx
With love to you all Trevor xx

Improve your riding confidence at our intensive Workshop Week

2If you have read this blog before, you will know that there’s no place quite like our little corner of southwest France for a riding holiday. We have everything here. The glorious weather. The stunning scenery. The mile-after-mile of traffic-free trails. And, of course, the wonderful surroundings of Ch√Ęteau de Laumi√®re.

But maybe you are looking for a more intensive riding experience. Not just a morning’s ride followed by a relaxing afternoon by the pool, but the chance to spend the entire day working with and handling the horses.

For one week at the end of May we’re offering an all-inclusive intensive riding workshop holiday. Here, as well as taking part in those long and leisurely daily hacks about which we have waxed lyrical before, you can enjoy a one-on-one training programme that is specially tailored to your needs.

Maybe you have had a fall, or a scare, that has hit your confidence in the saddle. No problem – you’re not alone. Tanya, who also plans all our hacks, is a highly qualified riding instructor with many years’ experience. She knows how to deal with matters such as this and can work through any confidence issues you may have calmly and sympathetically.

1Alternatively, you may feel that you lack experience handling horses. Groundwork is a fundamental skill ‚Äď join-up, lunging, long-lining and work on the ground can bring enormous benefits to your confidence and riding. Our immersion course can help.

Or perhaps you want to work on your dressage or jumping skills. Whatever area you feel you need a little help or refresher with, we can help. That’s what our intensive all-inclusive Workshop Week, which runs from Saturday May 28 to Saturday June 4 is all about. Helping you improve your skills and confidence so that you can enjoy your riding even more.

And isn’t that the reason we all do this?


The perfect Christmas gift for the horse-rider in your life

Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the horse-riding loved one in your life who has everything? How about a ch√Ęteau?

We’re not joking.

Obviously, it‚Äôs impossible to fit an entire French castle under the tree (not to mention the climate-changing amount of paper you would need to wrap one) but we think we have come up with the next best – and much more eco-friendly – thing. A gift voucher for a luxury riding holiday at Ch√Ęteau de Laumi√®re.


Wouldn‚Äôt you love to see the look on your loved-one‚Äôs face as they open a modest and unassuming envelope on Christmas morning to see something very special like this inside? It contains the promise of a relaxing holiday next year at our friendly and luxurious ch√Ęteau in the picture-perfect Lot, riding along beautiful and peaceful trails, through enchanting villages and unspoiled tree-filled countryside.

A holiday here won‚Äôt break the bank, either. If you book your 2016 holiday at the elegant and tranquil 400-year-old ch√Ęteau before the end of December, you and your loved ones can enjoy a relaxing luxury equestrian break at 2015 prices.

Alternatively, if you have already catered for everyone else this Christmas, how about treating yourself? Surely you deserve a little luxury you-time about as far away from the daily stresses and strains of real world as it is possible to get?

Remember: if you book your 2016 horse-riding holiday before December 31, 2015, you can look forward to a wonderful break in France next year at this year’s prices.

At last ! Time to catch up on the year

The year has been very busy since our April post and here goes with an attempt to bring you up to date.

I think we must start with our big news at the end of the dressage season in May which everyone did extremely well in.  This is that Tanya and Seamus took the title of

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ‘Champion Club Elite Grand Prix’ of the LOT region.

WOW were we pleased! ¬† It certainly got the season off with a buzz.¬†Schooling became less intense through the summer but is up to speed again now and the new season started at the beginning of this month. ¬†This year Tanya¬†is competing on her new mount Atila who arrived in the first week of September – Gillian, Louise, Bev, David and June I’m sure will remember the excitement caused as he was unloaded onto the yard. ¬†At that time he hadn’t any dressage experience as he had been used for jousting displays so his first schooling sessions were rather exciting. ¬†However, Tanya’s instinct has proved right yet again and he very quickly settled down and in only his second ever dressage competition last week he rewarded her by winning a 4th place rosette.

A star in the making
A star in the making

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends again, some for the 6th and 7th time plus meeting lots of new ones many of whom, from both groups (old and new)  have already booked to come back again next year.  This year we have been truly multicultural with visitors from not only all parts of the UK but  Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Finland, Belgium,  Peru, Brazil, USA and Hong Kong Рnever a dull moment here.  One special booking has been made by Caroline and Malcolm who spent their honeymoon with us in 2011 and are coming back to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary Рchampagne will be on ice guys x.


The cross country course has proved very popular from both beginners having their first pop to the more experienced enjoying a full round and we intend to keep this going next year for afternoon sessions, ground conditions permitting.

Sarah & Nao
Sarah & Nao


Jodie & Rocco
Jodie & Rocco












The new rides¬†were very popular with everyone and the additions / variations to some of the older ones worked really well. ¬†This doesn’t mean that we will be resting on our laurels – Tanya is constantly looking at the map, drawing lines and shaking her head so I think that she and I will be out again early next year exploring. ¬†To see what we find you will have to come and stay.

2015-10-09 11.16.452015-06-03 09.14.14

Two new horses on the team this year were Lena and Traviata both of whom gave several of our guests a very good ride.  Photos and details of these plus of course Atila will follow in the update of the Horses page of the site.


As many of you know, this year we changed a few things on the riding and meal schedule which was very popular. ¬†By the end of the season everyone said that it was good. ¬†So, to confirm for next year we will ride every day Sunday through Friday, lunch and dinner every day including Wednesday (the old day off) although Thursday after the huge lunch at Monique’s it will be a buffet supper which everyone found easier to cope with. ¬†Of course as it’s your holiday don’t forget that none of this is compulsory, it just means that once here everything is catered for and you don’t need to stir outside if you don’t want to.


Finally for now, a quick reminder about next year. ¬†We have been looking through the diary and some weeks are full already so if you don’t want to miss the dates that suit you best get in touch with us very soon. ¬†Don’t forget that if you book before the end of December you can fix your 2016 holiday at the 2015 price. ¬†We all look forward to welcoming you here to Laumi√®re next year.