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Reasons Why You’ll Love a Riding Holiday

There are many reasons why riding holidays offer such a unique experience. Unlike any other type of holiday, a riding holiday gets you in touch with nature and doesn’t put you in a fixed environment where the only fun that you’re allowed to have is in a fixed, enclosed environment.

  • A riding holiday gives you the freedom to explore nature and the great outdoors. Riding holidays do not limit the way that you can experience nature. Riding holidays give you freedom in a way that other holidays cannot match.
  • A riding holiday gets you in touch with nature, by letting you explore the great outdoors, all on the back of the majestic horse. As soon as you get in the saddle, you will realise what a unique and magical experience a riding holiday is.
  • Riding holidays give you the chance to explore the countryside and nature in complete freedom. Riding holidays give you a unique perspective for exploring the natural world and the thrill cantering across a field on the back of a beautiful horse cannot be matched by any other holiday experience.

So if you’re planning a fun and magical holiday for your family then make sure that you book a riding holiday because a riding holiday is an experience that cannot be matched.

Enjoying The Swimming Pool at The Ch√Ęteau

Well, at last we have the weather that everyone expects in the south of France in May – 28 degrees centigrade today. After keeping everyone fed and watered after their ride we finally got around to planting all of our bedding plants which add a nice touch of extra colour around the pool and to various other areas of the garden and at this point decided to treat ourselves to a quick dip in said pool before dinner. This is where we went…

Riding Holidays

See you there??

Visitors in The Field by Ch√Ęteau

Just looked out of the window and saw these in the field and thought you might like to see them too. Also, the snow is melting – should all be gone tomorrow fingers crossed.

Visitors in The Field

So organised last night it just wasn’t true! Daisy all posh and ready for her outing, car loaded and ready to go – early to bed for a bright start. Thought it was too good to be true. Woke up this morning, looked out of window – can’t be, look again. SNOW!! and still coming down. Oh well Daisy there’s another one next month so fingers crossed!

Introducing Our 2 New Family Members

In July we were looking for a new canine addition when Tanya found a rescue centre just outside of Toulouse who were looking for a home for 2 German Shepherds.¬†These were 3 years old and brother and sister whose owner had sadly passed away and the remaining family couldn’t look after them.¬† They had asked that they be kept together as a pair.¬†

Well….we have quite a lot of room so into the car we piled and set off.¬† When we arrived we were taken into an enclosure with several pens and the kennel guy let these two out.¬†They rushed up and made an enormous fuss of us but in the centre of all the other dogs it was totally manic. We asked to take them for a walk somewhere quiet which he was happy for us to do and when he saw we were okay with them he left us to it.¬†

We set about seeing how obedient they were in our best French but this left them quite confused which we thought was probably because of our accent and would hopefully improve once they got to know us.  They were very affectionate although obviously quite insecure. Once we decided that we would like to take them Chris said OK as long as we can get them into the car. No problem there Рas soon as the back was open we nearly got killed in the rush as they jumped in!!

The really good surprise was when the kennel guy heard us speaking to each other he said that he thought they would be very happy with us as they wouldn’t need to learn another language.¬† Their previous owner was American – well that explained the confusion with the French commands.

They have since settled in very well and are much calmer and comfortable with life here as you can see…


We don’t know what we are going to do after Christmas when we need to light the fire because they have completely taken over the fireplace as well…

Lulu & Bek

The Arrival of a New Foal

Hello to you all. Let me introduce myself – My name is¬†Chance de Laumiere¬†and I’m following in my sister Hope’s footsteps –¬†my mum Lucy as you know is an Arab and my dad is a Merens so I’m another Merab!¬† Here I am at 5 days old.¬†I was born on 20th April (we’ve all been a bit busy here so announcing me has been delayed).

I’m growing at an amazing rate and I’m sure there will be more photos of me soon – when Lynda gets faster with the camera that is because every time she appears with it at the moment I manage to scoot behind my mum¬†and all Lynda gets is my tail end.¬† Ah well that’s life.

The New Foal

Our New Vegetable Garden – Food Doesn’t Get Any Fresher

We have been beavering away on our newly extended vegetable garden for the last week. After the success of Tanya’s efforts with courgette and tomatoes last year – we won’t mention the broccoli that didn’t get watered – we decided to jump in at the deep end and grow a large proportion of our own vegetables and salads.

Well, soiling up the patch was the easy bit. We now have trays full of germinating seeds in all imaginable places just waiting for the right time for planting out. Will keep you posted on progress so watch this space.

I am really looking forward to accompanying your lunches and evening meals with our own freshly picked vegetables this summer.

French Riding Holidays For a Group

Why not get a group together for your riding holiday?

Everything is more fun if shared with friends or family so why don’t you get a group together.

Group of 6 people Рone person free

If you have a special occasion to celebrate Рmaybe a Birthday or Anniversary Рcome and celebrate with us and we will include aChampagne aperitif before dinner by candle light

For information of prices, please go to bookings page link from the menu above.