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Special two-for-one offer on a week’s holiday at the Château

Riding TrailDo you fancy getting away from all the hustle and bustle of 21st-century life – even just for a little while? Does a week’s holiday in a centuries-old Château the tranquil countryside of beautiful Lot in France sound like the perfect antidote to your hectic life right now?

Gentle rolling hills… Cornflower-blue sky as far as the eye can see… Picture-perfect villages… The sound of silence… It’s about as far from the never-ending roar of modern life as it’s possible to get while still being in the same century.

We’d like to think your answer is “Yes!” already – but we’re biased, as we know what a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing place Lot is. But maybe we can make it sound even more tempting?

Our special offer

1How about this: we’re offering a special two-for-one deal on seven-day full-board holidays at Chateau de Laumiere for the week beginning Saturday, June 14, 2014.

You can take advantage of everything we have to offer. If you’re a rider, a morning hack along one of the miles and miles of car-free “Chemins Rurale” that Lot has to offer is guaranteed to help even the most tense of people unwind.

And food always tastes better when someone else has cooked it.

You’ll be able to enjoy our fine home-cooked meals, all lovingly prepared by Lynda, who uses locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Forget food miles. During the summer, you can measure the distance our vegetables and salad have travelled in feet. Literally. They come all the way from our own garden. Please remember to tell us if you have any special dietary requirements when you book.

And you can relax Tuesday afternoon away with a massage courtesy of our qualified masseuse Nadia.

Wednesday is a non-riding day. Why not explore somewhere a little further afield? Or just take the day as it comes, watching the world pass gently and peacefully and calmly by at the side of our outdoor pool?

SNCF’s special offer

5We’re not the only ones running a special offer, either.

On Monday, May 20, French train operator SNCF launched a cut-price intercity ticket promotion that takes in the week of June 14 to 21. Tickets can be bought for travel until June 26. Just log on to SNCF’s website for more information. If you need, it has an English-language section, which you can find here.

So, if you need a break but you don’t fancy flying, then let the train, Château de Laumiere and our horses take away your strain – even if your budget is perhaps a little tighter than you would like it to be.

To set your week’s R&R in motion, simply contact us.

Equestrian Holidays in France – What You Need to Know

Riding TrailFor horse lovers there are many locations in France that are great for an equestrian getaway. France is a large and diverse country so in order to plan an enjoyable holiday you will need to consider a number of things in advance. Thoroughly looking into these considerations will give you the confidence that all your needs are met so you can just enjoy the ride when you arrive at your holiday destination.

Riding Facilities

First, look at the availability of riding stables and hire facilities in the area you plan to go. There are a lot of good quality riding establishments in France but they are not evenly spread across the country and all offer varying levels of service. Do your research and find out what a place offers before you book. How much are their hire charges? What breeds do they keep in their stables and what is their availability? Is instruction offered? If you do not speak French you should also enquire whether English speaking instructors are available. These are all questions you should ask – and do take a look at customer reviews if possible so you can compare experiences from other holidaymakers.

Horse Riding Trails

You will also have to look at how well set up your destination is for riding horses. For instance, is there an established network of well-maintained riding trails or bridle paths, or will you need to spend a lot of your time riding on the edge of roads? This is an important consideration as it can be intimidating riding on unfamiliar roads, especially if you are taking your own horse and they are not used to local traffic conditions.

The Terrain

It is also worthwhile considering the terrain of the area you’d like to visit. France has a very varied range of riding environments and this is one of the things that makes it such an appealing destination; but there is a world of difference between the gentle fields of Normandy and the foothills of the Pyrenees. The season you plan to travel also makes a huge difference. Some areas of southern France experience only gentle variation between the seasons, whereas other areas have big differences between summer and winter conditions, for instance in mountainous areas or on the Atlantic coast. In some areas horse riding facilities may only be open at certain times of the year.

Your Riding Ability

Were you born in the saddle or is this your first time on a horse? Do you enjoy a gruelling challenge through isolated terrain or a gentle amble along well-trod paths? France offers both a challenge to experienced riders and plentiful opportunities to people just starting out horse riding, as well as families of mixed abilities. When planning your holiday it is important to be candid about your level of ability and to plan a holiday that is fair to you and to your horse.

For an unforgettable horse riding experience in Southern France or to find out more about equestrian holidays, get in touch with us today. Take a look through our website to see details of our horses and our wonderful Château.