Château de Laumière’s horse-riding holiday checklist

6(1)It’s important to know what you need to pack to get the most a horse-riding holiday at Château de Laumière – especially if you haven’t been riding for a while, or if you’re planning your first equestrian break.

Here’s our checklist of what you’ll need to pack to get the most out of a riding holiday here.


Hat: A riding hat that conforms to current British Safety Standards is vital – that’s why we ask you to bring your own. We insist that hats are worn all the time you’re on a horse, so you need to be totally comfortable and safe with the one you’re wearing. It’s best to bring one you know fits properly.

Boots: You should bring your own pair of long or short riding boots. Many riders who come here on holiday wear them on the plane – which seems very sensible, and saves vital space (not to mention, weight) in their case.

Trainers are not allowed. They are flat-soled and can slip through the stirrups.

Trousers: There’s a reason jodhpurs are the most comfortable trousers to wear on horseback, but any trousers that you find comfortable to ride in are fine.

Some people like to ride in jeans, but those side seams can rub – and you’ll soon know about it after a morning’s hack.

Shorts are, unfortunately, unsuitable for riding.

Shirts: Sensible tops are a must. Summers can – and do – get hot in Lot, so a shirt that covers and protects your shoulders is a good idea – short-sleeved cotton tops or polo shirts are ideal. They also provide a little extra protection from any low-hanging branches on the trails.

Creams: Speaking of the sun, we also recommend you bring some high-protection sun cream – and some insect repellent, too.

In case it rains: You will need a shower-proof jacket. Even in southern France, it does sometimes rain. Sorry. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Gloves / body protectors: If you usually wear riding gloves and / or a body protector, please do bring them along.

Non-riding style: When you’re not riding, you’ll soon discover that our beautiful corner of France is a pretty relaxed place.

6We make no demands on what you wear at breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Château – and, unless you’re planning a particularly expensive night out, there’s no need to bring that fancy little black number. Jeans, casual trousers, T-shirts, comfortable summer dresses are welcome almost everywhere.

Do I need anything else?

You can pretty much leave the rest to us.

You’re guaranteed the warmest of welcomes and the finest food at the beautiful Château de Laumière. We supply English tack, and our horses are all well schooled and highly adaptable.

Meanwhile, we’ve left it to the Lot department to provide a gorgeous backdrop. We think it’s done a remarkable job.

banacThe charming, rolling surroundings are perfect for just about every level of rider to explore. The only thing we ask is that you’re confident on a horse at all three paces – walking, trotting and cantering.

Hackers’ delight

The Lot department is picture-book France.

Riders can enjoy unspoiled, wooded countryside that boasts an abundance of wildlife – such as deer, wild boar, red squirrels, hares, buzzards and kites – dotted with enchanting villages.

As you round a gentle bend on one of the tree-lined chemins rurales that criss-cross the area, you may discover a splendid château or grand manor house, a centuries-old Priory or picturesque farmland that just goes on and on until it meets the sky.

Beginners’ luck

What if you’re a horse-riding novice, or need to regain a little confidence after a year or 10 out of the saddle?

No problem. We keep afternoons free, and you can easily arrange a riding lesson or two. They will offer non-riders a hint of what all the fuss is about, and help old riders remember all those skills they thought they had forgotten.

Hat… boots… shirt… trousers… you

That’s just about everything you need to enjoy a perfect equestrian holiday at Château de Laumière.

We’ll send you a little reminder of what you need to bring with confirmation of your booking, but this will get you started.