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The perfect Christmas gift for the horse-rider in your life

Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the horse-riding loved one in your life who has everything? How about a château?

We’re not joking.

Obviously, it’s impossible to fit an entire French castle under the tree (not to mention the climate-changing amount of paper you would need to wrap one) but we think we have come up with the next best – and much more eco-friendly – thing. A gift voucher for a luxury riding holiday at Château de Laumière.


Wouldn’t you love to see the look on your loved-one’s face as they open a modest and unassuming envelope on Christmas morning to see something very special like this inside? It contains the promise of a relaxing holiday next year at our friendly and luxurious château in the picture-perfect Lot, riding along beautiful and peaceful trails, through enchanting villages and unspoiled tree-filled countryside.

A holiday here won’t break the bank, either. If you book your 2016 holiday at the elegant and tranquil 400-year-old château before the end of December, you and your loved ones can enjoy a relaxing luxury equestrian break at 2015 prices.

Alternatively, if you have already catered for everyone else this Christmas, how about treating yourself? Surely you deserve a little luxury you-time about as far away from the daily stresses and strains of real world as it is possible to get?

Remember: if you book your 2016 horse-riding holiday before December 31, 2015, you can look forward to a wonderful break in France next year at this year’s prices.

Walking Back to Happiness


Walking. Hiking. Rambling. Whatever you call it, it is a hugely popular pastime, that is easily accessible to many, many people.

In recent blog posts, we have discussed the variety of options and possibilities available for those who come to stay at Château de Laumière whose interests do not necessarily extend to riding a horse, but who may enjoy fishing or cycling.

The good news is that walkers of all levels will be delighted to learn that there are as many beautiful walks near the chateau as there are cycling trails or fishing lakes in our picture perfect corner of southwest France that nestles away from prying tourist eyes.

But we advise you to get your boots on, if you want to discover this wonderful part of the world before everyone else.

The region is fast becoming popular with walkers of all standards – and there really is no wonder. With its enormous network of well-marked higways and byways, it is simple to enjoy a different walk every day of your stay, or follow part of the famous and ancient pilgrim trail to Compostela. For an extensive list of suggested walks, click on the Tourism Lot link here.

Whatever you are looking for, you will find the corner of the Lot near Château de Laumière offers a welcoming environment for all levels of walkers. Many trails follow ridges or plateaux and most ascents or descents are quite short – though they can on occasion offer something of a challenge.

Meanwhile, if you are worried about walking on the roads here, don’t. It is so quiet that road walking is actually quite safe and a pleasant change from what you may have been used to. And, you’ll see some wondrous sights along the way – a pigeonnier here, a medieval church there, a historic town just beyond those trees…

In fact, the biggest problem you are likely to have is whether to stop to enjoy one particularly special view, or to carry on until you have crested the next hill, or rounded the next bend in the trail in case the next vista is even better (Hint: the next one is likely to be equally as impressive).

So, whether you plan to walk for just an hour or for several days, the beautiful Lot countryside is worth discovering step by step.

Gone Fishing

We regularly boast about the gentle, peaceful beauty of the little corner of southwest France that surrounds Château de Laumière, and how it is the perfect location for a holiday hack along mile after mile of peaceful, car-free trails, under a warm sun in cornflower-blue skies.

But we also know that not everyone rides horses.

Lac de Banac
Lac de Banac

We’re often asked if there is anything non-riders can do here. The answer is plenty. The trails our horse-riders can enjoy are also open to walkers and cyclists, while the area is dotted with bustling towns and picture postcard villages that, quite simply, will take anyone’s breath away.

One of the most common questions for our non-riding guests concerns concerns fishing. Is it any good here? To which the honest answer has to be: No – fishing is not any good here.

It is much, much better than that.

We could wax lyrical about the quality of the lake and river fishing available just a 20-minute drive from Ch̢teau de Laumi̬re Рfrom the gorgeous and well-stocked 15-hectare Lac de Banac, to the exceptional fishing on offer in the 15km stretch of the River Lot between Saint Cirque Lapopie and Cajarc.

We could list a few of the fish that could bite at your lure – which include black bass, pike, roach, carp, pike perch, chub, perch, tench, barbeau and rainbow trout.

We could even issue something of a fishing challenge by mentioning, almost by accident, that the largest carp ever caught in Europe was landed in nearby waters.

It is probably more sensible, however, to deal with a few practical matters.

You will need a licence – or carte de peche – to fish in France. Temporary licences for holiday fishing are available for a week, or even just a day, at a time – and they are not expensive.

fishingYou can arrange a licence yourself online by logging on to the cartedepeche.fr website. It has English, German and Spanish-language sections, and is pretty straightforward. If you have any questions, however, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

If you are flying to France, the best advice is to check with your airline about what to do with all your fishing equipment before you arrive at the airport to avoid any frustrating delays. It is permitted on flights, but usually has to be checked into the plane’s hold – though certain articles may be allowed in hand luggage. Your airline will have all the information you need.

Once you have your licence (don’t forget to bring it with you, once you’ve downloaded it!) and have arrived at the chateau, everything will be in place for a perfect fishing holiday.

For more information about fishing in Lot, log on to Pechelot website here. Don’t forget, we’re not far from the Tarn either. The pechetarn website is here.

Reasons Why You’ll Love a Riding Holiday

There are many reasons why riding holidays offer such a unique experience. Unlike any other type of holiday, a riding holiday gets you in touch with nature and doesn’t put you in a fixed environment where the only fun that you’re allowed to have is in a fixed, enclosed environment.

  • A riding holiday gives you the freedom to explore nature and the great outdoors. Riding holidays do not limit the way that you can experience nature. Riding holidays give you freedom in a way that other holidays cannot match.
  • A riding holiday gets you in touch with nature, by letting you explore the great outdoors, all on the back of the majestic horse. As soon as you get in the saddle, you will realise what a unique and magical experience a riding holiday is.
  • Riding holidays give you the chance to explore the countryside and nature in complete freedom. Riding holidays give you a unique perspective for exploring the natural world and the thrill cantering across a field on the back of a beautiful horse cannot be matched by any other holiday experience.

So if you’re planning a fun and magical holiday for your family then make sure that you book a riding holiday because a riding holiday is an experience that cannot be matched.

Booking Your Riding Holiday at Château de Laumière

Château de Laumière offers its guests a winning combination of luxurious accommodation, a range of amazing activities for all tastes and a relaxing, restorative ambience all of its own.

Booking Your Riding holiday

Château de Laumière offers its guests a winning combination of luxurious accommodation, a range of amazing activities for all tastes and a relaxing, restorative ambience all of its own.

World-Class Horse-Riding Experiences

The South of France is one of the finest locations on the planet to enjoy a riding holiday – and Château de Laumière is rightly regarded by many as a horse rider’s paradise!

Our wonderful team of horses who live in our super stable block which is just a stone’s throw from the Château will be waiting to meet you.

Once you are acquainted with your equine partner, your riding holiday really begins.  Our relaxed schedule offers a different ride every day and the chance to explore the expansive local countryside.

A stay at the Château will provide enduring memories that will last you a lifetime and you are guaranteed a comfortable stay and a warm welcome.

The Château

Originally built in the 16th century, the Château is a luxurious and atmospheric structure which is steeped in history and bristling with unique features.

We’ve been hard at work restoring the Château in recent years, ensuring that the original character and mystique of this beautiful residence could be preserved, whilst returning key features back to their original splendour.

The Château is situated within approximately 100 acres of beautiful countryside and makes the perfect base from which to begin your riding holiday in the South of France!

Book Your Holiday at Last Years Prices

The great news is that you don’t have to wait until next summer to start enjoying an amazing riding holiday at Château de Laumière…

October is a fantastic time to visit the Château: The surrounding landscape is transformed into a magical sea of warm autumnal hues which must be seen to be believed.

We still have some availability for October 2013 holidays: Contact us today for details of some very special prices!

If you’d rather visit the Château next year, any bookings for 2014 holidays made before the end of October 2013 will be held at 2013 prices: but that’s not the only reason to act swiftly: As a popular riding destination, we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.