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Two Upcoming Events for Riders

Own Your Own Horse Week – 27 May



Do you ride regularly but not actually own your own horse?  Is it your dream or are you just curious as to what’s involved?  Well for week commencing Saturday 27 May you can make that dream come true for a week.  Take this opportunity to experience horse ownership in the most ideal surroundings with the reassurance that there is a knowledgeable team on hand to help if needed. Own a horse week enables you to to be as hands on with your four legged friend as you wish to find out what it’s really like to have a horse of your own.  img_20160503_084405




Training Week – 16 September


Last year’s training week was a real success and we were asked to think about another one this year.  Well we did and scheduled it in for the beginning of May – it was full almost as soon as we advertised it and there has been interest shown in another one being added.  We have looked at the diary and can now say that we will offer this for week beginning Saturday 16 September.  If you’re interested do get in touch asap.

Some people mentioned that they were a little worried by the phrase ‘Intensive Training’ as they thought it meant it was only for very experienced riders so let me put your mind at rest over this because that really isn’t the case at all.  It’s more of a usual week with the opportunity to do extra training – riding, horse care, bonding with your horse or whatever you have problems with or want to do more of.  It’s for riders of all levels – horse owners or not – and as with all of our rides it’s tailored to you.  There is the usual morning ride then as an addition in the afternoons Tanya can help you to work on any issues that you would like help with.  She will talk everything over with the whole group at the beginning of the week and work out a program that fits and can be worked on through the week.  11870817_1787696334790436_6895041293615577366_n

Meet the new guys in the team

Just to bring you up to date, we’ve been busy around the country adding new members to the team for this year.  Here goes –

Some of you will already have met our first arrival who came in September last year but for those of you who came earlier in the year meet Atila taking his first look around at his new home as he came out of the box

DSCF6578He travelled well and was very calm after his journey of around three hours.  Off to his paddock for a rest and then hopefully ready for a light workout in the school tomorrow.

DSCF6660He took it all in his stride and he and Tanya got on very well together

Love this guy-Tanya & AtilaWhat a star and Tanya’s face says ‘I just love this guy!’

He’s gone on from here and they have competed very successfully in several dressage competitions through the winter season.  He’s up and going and ready to accompany rides this summer.

Our second new arrival came just before Christmas.  Tanya and Chris set off at 5.00am with the trailer for what ended up as a 15hr trip to see a very big boy to join the team, namely a Normandy Cob.  During this epic journey they passed through the volcanic mountains of the Massif Central and here is one of the shots that Tanya took from the motorway

JpegWhen they finally got home it was too dark for photos so here he is saying good morning to Atila over the fence this morning – Tonnerre.

2It’s quite amazing what a big horse can do – here’s Chris mounted for the first time in ages and out enjoying time with Tonnerre after only a few days of getting to know him.  He’s settled in really well and is now waiting to meet you all soon.


For number three we all set off for the day on a trip to look at several horses that we had seen.  Sun was shining and a lovely lunch followed by finally seeing a really beautiful girl.  Having ridden her and talked over Tanya and Chris set off next day yet again with trailer and when they got back Ursala had arrived.

DSCF7203Out of the trailer and looking around

DSCF7214Starting to fit in with the team working with Chloe

DSCF7319These new guys are now getting along very well with the existing team and as usual everyone is looking forward to seeing you all very soon

A Poem for Laumiere – by Karen Whitehouse – July 2014

We received this from one of our guests – another Pam Ayers in the making maybe?? and we thought you might like it too. Thank you sooo much Karen:

“I wonder what it will be like there” we said while flying through the air…….
The horses, The food, would they really care?………..
We picked up the car and started on our way
We had already been travelling for most of the day……..
“We are running late” we said on the phone………
To this lady who was letting us stay at her home
“Don’t worry” she said you will “still be fed”……..
And then you can relax in a comfortable bed
We arrived in the village, not knowing where to go……
And then we spotted this….. magical chateau!
“There it is we cried” and then we sped up the drive……..
There, Lynda, Tanya and Chris, were waiting for us to arrive……

The next morning we watched Tanya leading the horses with pride…..
I bet she was wondering……..”can they really ride??”……
We went down to the stables in a rush…….
We wanted to get started and give the horses a brush
Tanya chatted to us about our past…….
To match us with the right horse so we could have a blast
Kez – lively, me – fast, Jayne – steady and Bev – sensible
Tanya’s knowledge of her horses was incomprehensible
And as we led them out to the block, ….we still didn’t know what we had got….
Off down to the ménage for her to view our trot……..
I think we all passed….. when we saw her smile
We then rode through the countryside for mile after mile….

After our ride we got back to the yard……
We were greeted by the dogs, standing on guard
Lynda was creating another gastro delight…….
Could we fit in a cuppa….I think we just might…….
Off to lunch then to meet with our holiday crew…
All the veg on the plate, in the garden it grew
Delicious and tasty, a culinary delight! …..
Lynda,…..you have got the menu just right! …
At 8 we all met and Chris served the aperitif….
With nibbles and treats, it was beyond belief…….
Chris has lots of roles noticed throughout the day
Dog walking, collecting croissants and even making hay!

Just to make sure you know how much fun we had……
And getting back into riding is not just a fad! …..
We could quite easily jump back on a plane…..
And spend some time with you again! ….
The horses were cared for and loved to the core…..
The food was fantastic we could eat more and more
The rooms were comfortable and really clean!….
The chateau itself was sublime and serene……
Thank you All it was really ACE!!!!……
You really do have a fabulous place!………
We will get together and visit again………
With love from us all – Kaz, Kez, Bev and Jayne xxxxxxxxxx

Catching Up at Last! Part One – Our New Arrivals

A lot’s been happening around here this year and we thought it about time to tell you about it .

Just before we opened in April a new member of the team arrived and here he is  the first time Tanya rode him out obviously thinking ‘What’s all the fuss about?  I can do this’.


Meet Cacique – alias Chico – he’s a 16hh, 7 year old Andalucian

He’s a really unflappable, comfortable ride and he has become VERY popular as  the season has gone on, so much so that once a guest has ridden him there’s not much  chance of anyone else getting him that week as they don’t usually want to give him up – bribery and a certain amount of coercion often takes place!

Echo de Laumiere



Next we had a BIG surprise on 24 April, just 2 days before we opened. Tanya came running in jumping about saying ‘Guess what, we have a baby in the paddock!’ Lesse had produced the first of our 3 expected foals almost a week early.   Here is what we all saw when we went out.  A beautiful little bay filly who didn’t know the word shy and came almost right up to us to say hello.  There was then lots of discussion about a name which this year had to begin with an ‘E’ and as all our foals are ‘de Laumiere’ it could only have 6 letters.  Finally we decided on Echo

After this the next couple of weeks until the other 2 arrived went very slowly until we almost started to wonder if they were going to come at all. Then hey presto!on 12 May Lucy produced a very dark (almost black) little colt which everyone wanted to call Ebony but as Hope had been this colour we knew he would eventually go grey so this wouldn’t be quite right.  Just as we were moving to other names the French translation of Ebene was suggested so that when he goes grey we can call him Benny – good idea don’t you think?

Ebene was just settling in and on 14 May Peaches presented number 3, a super little chestnut filly.  This one was much easier because we all took one look at her little pointy ears and said Elf

Ebene de Laumiere


Elf de Laumiere





Well, that was quite enough excitement for a while and as we thought the last of this year’s new arrivals. How innocent can you be? In July, after quite a bit of correspondence, a fairly long drive to meet them and a great deal of discussion before a final decision was made our equestrian family increased with the arrival of 4 Exmoors and here they are

Willow, Eiderdown, Dovetail and Galaxie

They have settled in very well and are now all quite happy to be handled and the general idea is that Tanya will work with them through the winter with the aim of introducing something quite exciting next year but to find out what that is going to be you will just have to watch this space!

French Riding Holidays For a Group

Why not get a group together for your riding holiday?

Everything is more fun if shared with friends or family so why don’t you get a group together.

Group of 6 people – one person free

If you have a special occasion to celebrate – maybe a Birthday or Anniversary – come and celebrate with us and we will include aChampagne aperitif before dinner by candle light

For information of prices, please go to bookings page link from the menu above.