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Want to improve your riding or horse-handling skills? Discover our week-long intensive training course

Riding holidays in France
Get closer to horses and learn valuable skills with our intensive training

Have you hankered after a week-long experience which would allow you to spend as much time as possible with horses?

If so, our intensive training week would be an ideal experience for you. It’s back by popular demand in 2018 after two courses in May and September 2017 and will help you learn about horse care, bonding with your horse, and riding skills.

For the week starting May 5, 2018, we’re offering you our all-inclusive, bespoke intensive riding workshop holiday.

Alongside the long, leisurely rides for which Château de Laumière is famed, you’ll receive a one-to-one training programme which we tailor specially to your individual needs.

You’ll be able to spend the entire day handling and working with horses.

This is ideal for riders who want to learn more or those who want to improve their confidence.

For some riders, a fall or a scare can knock that confidence in the saddle.

Our highly-qualified riding instructor Tanya will help you overcome your fears. She is calm, sympathetic, and has years of experience.

The intensive course will give you valuable skills including:

  • Groundwork – the basis of riding and handling skills, with lunging, join-up, long-lining, and work on the ground.
  • Dressage – our manege is the perfect place to learn and hone dressage skills, especially if you’re interested in competitions.
  • Jumping – always wanted to jump but have never learned how? Perhaps you need a refresher after a break of several years. Come to our intensive course where our experienced instructor will show you what you need to know.

Whatever you need, we’ll tailor our course to help you. It’s all about helping you to enjoy horses and riding.

Our course is for all levels of rider, not just those who are very experienced, and you can attend whether you own your own horse or not.

It’s about developing your skills the way you want to take them. Whatever you want to do more of, we’ll help you achieve that.

We’ll be offering the usual morning ride, with intensive sessions in the afternoons.

Our intensive training week always starts with Tanya discussing the group’s needs, them formulating the training.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful countryside, riding trails free of traffic, authentic local cuisine, and relaxing atmosphere, too!

Meet our horses…

We have a horse to suit every rider – from traditional French Mérens horses to thoroughbreds.

Here are a few of them:

Hope – An Arab/Mérens cross standing at 14.3hh. A beautiful horse with a wonderful character.

Ursala – A beautiful Heinz standing at 14.3hh. A safe, comfortable, and kind horse.

Rocco – A Portuguese standing at 15hh. Bags of character and a sense of fun, but a safe ride.

Chico – An Andalucian standing at 16hh. One of our most popular horses, who loves our visitors.

Atila – A Lusitanian standing at 16.3hh. Likes to show off skills in dressage.

Nao – A Mérens standing at 15hh. A sensible and comfortable horse.

Would you like to book a place in our intensive training week? It’s worth doing so soon – they tend to go quickly. You can contact us here.

7 great reasons to book your next riding holiday in France before Christmas


Rising holidays in France
Give your horse-loving relative or friend the best Christmas ever

Wondering what to buy the horse-lover who has everything this Christmas?

Look no further! Organising a riding holiday in France for 2018 would be a wonderful surprise for them on Christmas morning.

Plus, if you book your riding holiday for 2018 now, you’ll get it at 2017 prices. It’s a win-win situation.

If you need more reasons to book, we’ve come up with seven excellent

  1. Our horses are one of the best reasons to book with us. Our Arab/Mérens cross Hope was born at the château, and she has a wonderful character. Ayva, our Selle Français, is hugely popular with our visitors and we have traditional Mérens horses Nao and Mollie, half-siblings who are excellent examples of their breed. We have Spanish, Lusitanian, Andalucian, sports ponies, and a thoroughbred. Each has their own distinct character, and there is a horse to suit every rider. From kind and calm horses and ponies to horses experienced in dressage and events, you can view our horses here.
  2. You’ll meet our foals! If your loved one loves horses, they’ll love meeting and interacting with our foals.
  3. Your horse-lover will be delighted with a special trip to such a scenic part of France. Lot has many tranquil riding routes in beautiful countryside, and you won’t have to worry about traffic in the way you do in some parts of the UK.
  4. There is plenty to see on our doorstep – from stunning walks along the river to visits to the prettiest villages in France. See our blog on some of the most beautiful villages in France here.
  5. You’ll find some of the best cuisine in France. From mouth-watering local melons to tasty local recipes, our château gives you a true taste of authentic Lot. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy it – we cook and prepare all your meals. Find out more about the cuisine here.
  6. We’re English-speaking owners who are fluent in French. We’re here to help you have the smoothest trip possible and our language skills could prove useful.
  7. You can book your surprise present online – there’s no need to fight through the crowds to look for something special. That’s a huge bonus when we’re all so busy.

Enjoy relaxation and a little luxury

Visiting our château is like stepping back in time.

It has the original central stone staircase and several wonderful examples of 16th Century fireplaces.

Set within a hundred acres of land, the château has breath-taking views, a swimming pool, a manege, and a cross-country course.

The stable block is also conveniently close to the house.

A riding holiday in Château de Laumière gives you relaxation, good food, and luxurious accommodation.

Ready to book your 2018 break? If you book before the end of December, we’ll fix it at this year’s price. You can check out our prices here.

Magical May: The Perfect Time for an Early Riding Holiday

Have you returned to work after the Christmas break yet?
The festive holidays are wonderful – filled with loving family and friends, good food and general merry-making. But, whether your answer to our top-of-the-blog question is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the impending return of Real Life™ is always there, lurking in the background.
Dappled shade and perfect peace and quiet on one of the horse riding trails near Château de Laumière
Dappled shade and perfect peace and quiet on one of the horse riding trails near Château de Laumière

There’s no wonder holiday companies are touting their wares on the TV and internet right now – the promise of another break from Real Life™ is what keeps many people going in those cold and wet and dark and personal battery-draining winter months.

So, how about this?
At the luxurious and tranquil Château de Laumière we welcome guests for horse riding holidays from the end of April.
It is a magical time of year in our little corner of southwest France. The sun shines often. It is pleasantly short-sleeved-shirt warm. The sky is usually that clear and utterly enviable shade of touched-up picture-postcard blue.
In fact, late spring here is so magical that we have blogged about it before. We meant it when we wrote that blog post last year. We still do.
In May, daffodils fill the fields in cheery gold and white, and beautiful orchids turn quiet roadside verges into a riot of colour. Meanwhile, exotic and wonderful birds fill the sun-warmed cornflower-blue skies as deer, boar and red squirrels patrol our dappled green forest trails.
6(1)Imagine getting away from it all somewhere like this. Imagine forgetting the hustle and bustle and rush of the real world. Imagine waking up to another perfect day. Imagine feeling deliciously warm sun on your face. Imagine riding a carefully chosen horse on a carefully planned hack through enchanting sleepy French villages and unspoiled, tree-filled countryside.
Here’s the thing. You don’t have to imagine it. You’re more than welcome to join us here at Château de Laumière and enjoy it all for real. And don’t forget – if you hurry and book your luxury horse-riding holiday at the château before the clock strikes midnight and the strains of Auld Lang Syne ring out on December 31, you can enjoy your 2016 holiday in our peaceful and beautiful corner of southwest France at 2015 prices.

Five Reasons We Think You’ll Fall in Love With Southern France

Southern FranceIf you are considering Southern France as a holiday destination this year, here are five reasons why we think it will be the start of a location love affair.

1. Easy To Get To

When we are off on our holidays, it is nice to think that it is not going to take that long to get to our destination. You can either choose a very short haul flight or if you do not like to take to the skies; there is always the ferry or tunnel option and then a car or train journey taking in the stunning vistas.

2. Indulgence

Southern France is well known for its beautiful scenery, castles, medieval villages and coastal regions. Accompanying this feast for the eyes is total pleasure for your taste buds, with a wealth of delicious local foods to indulge. You may want to sneak in a cheeky glass of wine or two too.

3. Pace of Life

For a truly relaxing time, it is hard to beat Southern France. Whether you are strolling through the farmers’ market, watching the locals play a game of boules or sipping coffee outside the local cafĂ©, time just seems to stretch on forever. You gradually feel your shoulders relax and all that stress from home melts away in the warmth of the sun.

4. Climate

Of course, it is much easier to enjoy a slower pace and to fully relax when the climate is just so much more conducive to a great quality of life. With the gorgeous Mediterranean sun making an appearance for, on average, over 320 days a year, you are almost guaranteed good weather.

5. Activities

There are a wealth of activities to keep you entertained while you are on holiday in Southern France, ranging from the more genteel walking and sightseeing through to cycling, climbing and sailing.
Alternatively, you could view some of the stunning sceneries from a different vantage point as you go horse riding through the countryside. Excellent weather, total relaxation and beautiful views all wrapped up in one fantastic holiday.

Nearly Convinced?

Visiting southern France will be the start of a love affair and one which you’ll wish to continue throughout the years. With such a short hop across the Channel, it’s one which you can regularly revisit.

And with that weather year round, southern France has something to offer throughout the seasons so regardless of what time of the year you’re reading this article, why not check out our holiday prices to see the next available option for taking a riding holiday here at Château de Laumière?

We think there is no better way to enjoy the delights of Southern France than on horseback; and hundreds of our delighted guests would agree with you – see what they have to say by reading our holiday reviews.

Thinking About a Riding Holiday in Southern France?

The only way to truly appreciate nature is to become a part of nature. Take the first step of your greatest journey today.

The South of France has some of the finest architecture on the planet to accompany its beautiful countryside and weather. Cities in the South of France, such as Toulouse, boast classic architecture that dates back to the 11th Century. The South of France has not only aesthetic value, it also displays a great historical past which has been preserved to give the area a unique sense of belonging to an ancient time.

The basilica of St-Sernin and the Assezat mansion are just 2 examples of medieval architecture which have been preserved in the region, in order to give the area a distinct beauty. Everywhere you travel in the South of France, you will see buildings dating back a thousand years. You will be surrounded by design of the highest aesthetic value as well as having a personal insight into the history and development of French architecture throughout the ages.

The South of France is perfection itself. The only way to heighten the experience is to see it all on horseback. Cantering through the countryside on a beautiful horse is the best way to experience the history and tradition of the South of France. Imagine what it will be like to ride through the countryside like so many other historical figures. There is so much tradition to be experienced, that the best way to take it all in is by riding on horseback.

There is no point driving around an area of such natural beauty, preserved though out the ages, in a noisy car pumping fumes. If you really want to experience the South of France, as it has been experienced throughout the centuries, then you must experience the South of France on horseback.