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The wonderful wildlife you could spot on your riding holiday in Lot

French riding holidays
You may spot a hoopoe

Whether you’re walking or on horseback, Lot is a wonderful place to see wildlife during your French riding holiday.

You could see all sorts of animals – from mammals and birds to insects and lizards.

The area has excellent natural habitats including woodlands, grasslands, and small areas along the River Lot where people once washed their clothes. They have now become mini wildlife sanctuaries, attracting all sorts of animals.

Here is some of the wonderful wildlife you could see during your stay:

  1. Roe deer, known as Chevreuil in France, are a wonderful sight for our visitors. At certain times of the year, you will see them grazing in the fields.
  1. You may be fortunate enough to spot a loirs, a large dormouse also known as the glis glis. Although their population is spread across rural France, they are not common.
  1. The rare putois, a polecat, lives off frogs and small mammals and has been found across France. You may be lucky enough to come across this nocturnal relative of the ferret and otter.
  1. Wild boar have been spotted across France. It is estimated there are two million of them in the country, and they tend to congregate in areas where agricultural land meets woodland.
  1. Pine martens, known as martres in French, live in woodland across the French countryside, and you may well see red squirrels – now a rare sight in most of the UK.
Riding holidays in France
A praying mantis
  1. There is a wealth of insect life including the praying mantis, green scarab beetles, Be crickets or cri-cri in French, grasshoppers, bees, wasps, and moths and butterflies such as swallowtails and hawk moths – especially the humming bird hawk moth.
  1. You may well see some lizards. Small brown lizards are relatively common, skittering around in the undergrowth. Although salamanders are rare, you may spot them. Treat them with respect – they are a protected species.
  1. The bird life of Lot is rich. You’ll probably hear owls, including the Scops owl, cuckoos, and nightingales during your stay. You may spot marsh harriers, black redstarts, buzzards, or kites, and some visitors have reported seeing short-toed eagles flying above the limestone cliffs near Rocamadour. Many are keen to see a hoopoe, a small bird with an exotic look which is the size of a mistle thrush. It’s distinctive pink-brown body and crest, black and white wings, and black, downcurved bill make it simple to spot. These are rarely seen outside the very south of the UK, but are far more common in France.

Is it time to book your next riding holiday in France?

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Think of all the beautiful wildlife you could see in a stunning, relaxing part of the world.



What’s The Best Way to See Rural France Whilst on Holiday?

Rural FranceFrance is blessed with having about twice the land mass of the United Kingdom, whilst the population remains approximately the same (65 million people in 2014 as opposed to the UK’s 63 million citizens).

Much of this population is concentrated in the big cities and towns, especially in the north, rather than spread out among vast dormitory towns and super-sized villages like in the UK.

The result is that much of France is still rural and is unspoilt by modern industrial developments. This is especially the case in our part of Southern France and also in many of the central regions. It is no surprise that France is such a popular holiday destination for tourists from Britain, Germany and the Netherlands looking to escape the bustle of city life back home.

So, what is the best way to see rural France and make the most of your holiday? There are several options…

Rural France by Train

France has an excellent train service linking all parts of the country to its central hub in Paris. Many historic French market towns, such as Avignon, Le Mans and Auxerre can be reached in just a few hours from the capital. However, many of the more remote areas are still a fair distance away from the nearest train station.

Rural France by Campervan or Caravan

The Caravan Club has over 140 caravan and camping sites across France offering excellent facilities, as well as innumerable smaller privately run sites. This makes France a great location for holidaymakers looking to tour the country with their own caravan or camper van from the UK, or one hired in France on arrival.

Rural France on Foot

France is crisscrossed by a well-marked and maintained network of 37 national hiking trails running the length and breadth of the country. For a back packer these include some unforgettable long distance trails through diverse and stunning countryside. The trails also offer short excursions for weekend walkers and day trippers.

Rural France by Horseback

In our opinion, France is one of the finest places in the world to take an equestrian holiday. No form of transport offers a more peaceful means of exploring rural France. What is more, the French countryside is so much more accessible to horse riders than rural areas in other parts of Europe. In many areas horse riders have extensive access to farmland, and a network of bridal paths and quiet rural roads mean that riders can amble for hours without ever coming across a vehicle, or even another person.

However you choose to explore rural France, make it your choice for a rural getaway this summer. Once you’ve been once, you may find yourself coming back year after year.

More information about our location in rural France.